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Product Image Maitreya Thangka (TGTH 108)

Maitreya Thangka (TGTH 108)

$495.00 $695.00

Painting Size (Inches) Height 23.5” Width 18”

 Brocade Size (Inches) Height 44” Width 30”

 All Hand Painted (Gold leaf)

(Skt.; Tib. བྱམས་པ་, Jampa; Wyl. byams pa) or Maitreyanatha (Skt. Maitreynātha; Tib. Jampé Gönpo; Tib. བྱམས་པ་མགོན་པོ་, Wyl. byams pa'i mgon po) is the bodhisattva who will be the next buddha after Shakyamuni Buddha. For now he resides in Tushita. He transmitted teachings to Asanga, who transcribed them as the ‘Five Treatises of Maitreya’. As one of the eight great bodhisattvas, he is sometimes depicted as whitish-yellow in colour and holding an orange bush which dispels the fever of the destructive emotions.