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TibetGallery™ The Best from Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan

Shipping Policy

We take great pride in the fact all our items are genuinely made out of the finest quality.
However, if you are not satisfied with your order, you may return items within 7 days from the date of the receipt.
We will give you full refund minus the shipping cost. Thank you.
Shipping and Handling In the USA
We ship by Priority with delivery confirmation, UPS or FedEx Ground.
We process and ship as quickly as possible, usually within 1 to 2 days.All shipping includes insurance.
There is a minimum order of $33.
Note: If the order is below $33 total, the ordering system will not complete the order.

Cost of Shipping Table ( Domestic USA ) Dollar Amount Shipping Charge Minimum $33 to $40 order $8.95 $41 to $60 order $9.95 $61 to $80 order $11.95 $81 to $100 order $13.95 $101 to $120 order $15.95 $121 to $150 order $17.95 $151 to $180 order $19.95 Orders $181 and above $25.00 base shipping rate*

* Orders from $181 and up, base rate $25, may vary depending on item and weight.

Will contact customer if needed. Please contact us for more info.
There are times the ordered items are temporarily out of stock.
If so we will contact you via email and will not charge.

International Shipping Rates and Terms:
Will contact customer upon completion of order to bill shipping based on item and shipment.