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Product Image Bell and Dorje/Vajra 9 Point/Dzogchen(TGBD 2)

Bell and Dorje/Vajra 9 Point/Dzogchen(TGBD 2)

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Sizes in Inches  

Bell Size  Height 7.75” Width 3.75”

Vajra/Dorje  Length  5.25”

Bell and Dorje/Vajra😇 This Beautiful 9 point Bell and Dorje/Vajra set is one of the best in quality/Sound and Detailed work. Dzogchen

In Buddhism the vajra is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. Vajrayana is translated as "Thunderbolt Way"[12] or "Diamond Way" and can imply the thunderbolt experience of Buddhist enlightenment or bodhi. It also implies indestructibility,[13] just as diamonds are harder than other gemstones.

In Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana) the vajra and ghanta (bell) are used in many rites by a lama or any Vajrayana practitioner of sadhanas. The dorje is a male polysemic symbol that represents many things for the tantrika. The vajra is representative of upaya whereas its companion tool, the bell which is a female symbol, denotes prajna. Some deities are shown holding each the vajra and bell in separate hands, symbolizing the union of the forces of compassion and wisdom, respectively.