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Product Image Medicine Buddha Silver Pendant(TGSP 93)

Medicine Buddha Silver Pendant(TGSP 93)


🖐 Handmade in Nepal 

😇 22 Years of Service in Retail 

😍 Thank you for your Support n Love 🙏

Beautiful Medicine Buddha Silver Pendant Length 1.25” inches(Open to fill blessings )😇

 Medicine/ Healing Buddha🙏

Buddha 😇

Be blessed by none other than the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha. Wearing this pendant will invite into your life energies of universal compassion and wisdom, offer protection from negative interference, and plant seeds of enlightenment and positivity to all who see it.

Seated in the traditional meditation posture (padmasana) with his feet on opposing thighs, the Buddha is depicted engaged in deep meditation. His right hand rests in his left, with thumbs gently touching one another, while his eyes focus just beyond his nose as his gaze falls downwards. The halo highlights his divinity, accomplished through the destruction of all stains of ignorance from his mind.