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Product Image Red Tara Thangka (TGTH 46)

Red Tara Thangka (TGTH 46)

$175.00 $275.00

Painting Size (Inches) Height 14” Width 10.5”

Brocade Size (Inches) Height 31” Width 21”

All Hand Painted 

Painting Size (Inches) Height 14.5” Width 10”

Brocade Size (Inches) Height 33” Width 22”

All Hand Painted 

Red Tara

Tara is the Swift Saviouress whose vow of compassion is to respond immediately to the invocation and prayers of those in need. Meditating on her as the embodiment of all enlightened qualities enables us to transform ordinary emotions and concepts into pure intention and accomplish the skilful means to benefit others.